Hiking In Ketchikan, Alaska


Southeast Alaska is a wild and magical place, visited by over a million tourists during the summer season. And though our small, rugged towns may look charming and quaint, our wilderness is vast and unrelenting. Our forest and sea are often quite different from what people are used to in the lower 48 and other countries. What you know about your own backyard's weather and wilderness may not hold up here in Alaska.To learn more about what to expect for hiking in the Ketchikan area please click on the Introduction to Hiking In Ketchikan below. If you would like to explore trails that Ketchikan has to offer, many of which commercial guided tours are not permitted on, please click on Teague's Tales from the Trails of the Tongass below.

Introduction to Hiking in Ketchikan

If this is your first time to Southeast Alaska, or you are someone who likes to learn as much as you can about a place before you get there, this introduction to hiking in Ketchikan will sketch in what to expect for weather, suggested gear to bring, what not to worry about concerning bears, and some safety tips concerning hiking in Southeast Alaska.

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