These tours will benefit those of you who are visiting Alaska by cruise ship, state ferry, plane, or private boat and who would like to get away from the mass of tourists downtown or the large tours and have more of a small (2 to 8 people), local-flavored tour by a guide who lives in Ketchikan. No matter the weather, you will get outside for some refreshing exercises through the Southeast Alaskan rain forest and see an undeveloped ocean beach. These tours may help expose you to or deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness, whether that is through meditation, tai-chi, or writing. Those of you who are interested in exploring creative writing, you will have a chance to explore some engaging writing exercises in order to kick off or continue your summer writing and leave with an all-weather, hard-cover journal. The core ideas behind these tours are connecting to one another, mindfulness, health, and a local-like experience of our pristine rain forest. Teague looks forward to connecting with you very soon.

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