This will appear before you can successfully continue on to book your tour and you must agree to it. Once you have agreed, this will also appear on your invoice after you have paid for and and booked your tour.


Informed Consent:

I am about to engage in guided outdoor recreation on a semi-remote trail and beach that is up to a mile off the road and away from houses. The tour will be conducted in whatever weather is happening and mostly likely will not be canceled. There are no facilities along the way once the hiking has begun. I understand the risks involved and believe I am competent to care for my own safety. I assume full financial responsibility for my care if I am injured either during the activity or going to or coming from the activity. Therefore:

  1. I release MINDFULNESS RAINFOREST TREKS LLC and its owners, agents, and employees of any liability associated with my participation in activities offered by them, including hiking, tai chi, chi-gong exercises, meditation, life coaching, spiritual counseling, and/or creative writing.

  2. I agree to protect, indemnify, and hold MINDFULNESS RAINFOREST TREKS LLC and their owners, agents, and employees harmless from and against any and all loss, costs, expense, damage, or liability arising out of any legal action I initiate against them that violates the above release.

  3. If I am unable to be consulted about emergency medical care, I authorize MINDFULL-NESS RAINFOREST TREKS LLC and their owners, agents, and employees to obtain medical help on my behalf. This authorization includes but is not limited to permission to call 911, to authorize emergency medical care by appropriately licensed personnel and transport to and treatment by the nearest appropriate facility.

  4. I understand that the Mindfulness Rainforest Treks LLC's Tours are a leave-no-trace excursion, including no littering or food left behind and that this is also a tobacco-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free excursion.

  5. I understand that the Mindfulness Rainforest Treks LLC's tours are designed for people with a particular fitness level and sensibility. These tours are for those who are used to physical outdoor recreation in all kinds of weather, without any facilities of any kind. The typical trekker should be able to handle a crushed-rock trail with uneven surfaces and somewhat steep, though brief descents and ascents, sometimes with stairs and sometimes without. The trekker should not have debilitating medical conditions, injuries, or poor balance. Unfortunately, this trail is NOT wheelchair accessible nor is the transportation vehicle. The participant should be able to sustain being able to hike 2 miles as well as possibly do up to an hour of tai-chi stationary movement exercises, which could total up to 2.5 hours of sustained exercise. For those who are used to regularly or semi-regularly doing outdoor exercise, this tour should be very enjoyable. For those who are less fit, this tour could be moderately a challenge. For those who are not at all fit, this tour would be a struggle and most likely probably not at all that fun and could risk injury and maybe jeopardize others’ safety or schedules.

  6. I understand that each tour is designed to be able to make it to the beach in a timely manner so that we can do tai-chi, write, meditate, or explore and be able to make it back to the car in order to return me to the docks according to schedule. Though there is time to comfortably hike, if for whatever reason I find that I am struggling physically on the tour or have taken more time than usual to make it to the beach, some activities may be cut short, adapted, or eliminated in order to compensate without any refund. Also, if I am unable to complete the tour, there are no refunds. I understand that if I have some physical concerns, I can book a private tour when Teague would be most happy to accommodate and tailor the tour to my needs and desires within reason.

  7. I understand that, unless I’ve brought my own car seat or booster seat for my children under 8, they cannot be legally transported because Mindfulness Rainforest Treks LLC does not have a car or booster seat available. I also understand that children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian on the Mindfulness Rainforest Treks LLC's tours.

Cancellation Policy:

As John Lennon said, life is what happens to us when we are busy planning. As we all hope to see our plans through, sometimes plans change, emergencies happen, and we need to cancel tours. At the same time, a booked tour does not allow for others to book in its place, so last minute cancellations are strongly discouraged unless it is a must. In the event of a cancellation within 24 hours of your tour, there will be no full or partial refund. If you do not show up or miss the tour's departure time for your tour, there will be no full or partial refund. There is a fifteen-minute buffer zone from the start of the tour's meeting time and when the tour actually leaves. If cancelling within a week of your tour, you will receive an 80% partial refund. In the event that your ship is delayed, and I am unable to reschedule you, or I am unwell or an emergency arises and I cannot deliver the tour, you will be refunded in full.

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