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Ketchikan, Alaska

MRT Tour Add-Ons

  1. TAI-CHI & CHI-GONG: In addition to the two-mile rain-forest hike, the chi-gong focus is for those interested in exploring the healing properties of chi (energy) and how to better connect with one's self and the land, sea, and those around them. Teague offers a forty-minute tai-chi exercise called the White Crane Qigong & Taoist Longevity Form once we reach the Beach. The White Crane Form helps us to relax built-up tension, follow our breath, and enjoy the slow, graceful movements of our bodies as well as tune into the rhythm of the nature around us.
  2. MEDITATION: During the two-mile round-trip rain-forest hike, you are invited to practice walking meditation and/or, once we reach Coast Guard Beach, either standing or sitting meditation. The core of our meditation will be to practice returning to the present moment in order to be more fully where we are and what we are doing, as we try to catch ourselves being less mindful while caught up in worrying about the past or planning for the future.
  3. CREATIVE WRITING: For those who range from an aspiring or beginning writer to the more practiced writer, this 2-mile round-trip hike is for the person who would like to jump-start their summer writing, or discover new ways of creatively documenting their Southeast Alaska trip, or have an outdoor experience or place in order to write and/or write about. This tour option comes with a hardcover journal that has waterproof pages and an all-weather mechanical pencil that can be taken with you at the tour's end. Teague will provide writing prompts for those interested in nature-writing, creative non-fiction, fiction, and/or poetry. He will also have on hand a Southeast Alaska flora and fauna book for those interested in identifying what they are seeing along the way.

Teague Whalen, Owner & Operator

Mindfulness Rainforest Treks, LLC

Ketchikan, Alaska

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