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Ketchikan, Alaska

Mindfulness rainforest treks llc

Mindfulness Rainforest Treks LLC (MRT) was an idea birthed in February of 2016. In looking for a vocation that would afford me a healthier lifestyle and get me outside more yet keep me in Southeast Alaska, I came up with the idea of doing a guided hiking tour, since Ketchikan is visited by millions of tourists during the summer season. I also wanted to work with people who were happy to experience what I had to offer. So I thought of combining and building on my strengths: connecting with people, connecting with nature, creative writing, and practicing and teaching mindfulness activities like meditation, tai chi, and chi gong. As a result, I rolled them all into one package in the form of this mindfulness tour-operating company that at its most basic level is just a drive out to a hike through the rain forest down to a rural ocean beach. In the future, MRT hopes to also offer driving tours into the Tongass National Forest. Please join us for a unique Ketchikan experience!

Teague Whalen, Owner & Operator

Mindfulness Rainforest Treks, LLC

Ketchikan, Alaska

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