3. Bring A Map & Compass or GPS


Bring hard copies of maps and a compass, and then electronic GPS or phones if you’d like, but you can’t always rely on electronic devices, especially phones in rain or where there often isn’t cell service. Knowing where you are or having a map to reference, especially if you have a topography map that illustrates the elevation lines, can be helpful in identifying landmarks and direction. If you get lost, try to estimate where you are on the map, find the direction that may lead back to the trail. If that doesn't work, find the direction that leads toward the ocean and road system. If there are nearby rivers, they can also lead you to the ocean as well. Moving toward the ocean is most likely where you will pick up our road system, at least for the trails accessed by our road system, and if you actually reach the ocean, generally you should find some water traffic to try to signal to or you can start working the beach toward town until you find help.


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